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The greatest thing in life is to wake up in the morning and WANT to go to “work." I can honestly attest that ever since my good friend talked me into taking the Real Estate class back in 1982, my life was never the same. Then came the training, the Broker Classes, the Accredited Buyer’s Representative classes, the Continuing Education classes every year, the Relocation Certifications and the Property Management training……I could go on and on. But, truthfully, education and training is all part of being the enthusiastic, empathetic and professional Realtor that our clients and customers want representing their interests.

Passion for my clients who have turned into long time friends over the past 25 plus years, has given me the energy to get up every day, no matter what the economy “says” and go to “work.” By placing myself in the middle of 100’s of family’s lives, it has given me the most wonderful gift in life! However, my husband, our four children and eight grandchildren fit right in there with the gifts of life too! My smile is my trademark. I always try to make friends. Family and clients know how important and precious they are to me.